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Improved My Well Being

From FaceBook:  Dr. Ken is one of the handful of doctors I have met that genuinely care about their patients. My acupuncture treatments with him improved my overall well being and the herbal supplement he gave me has drastically improved my complexion. Dr. Ken is very knowledgeable but mostly importantly, he is very passionate about his practice.

Couldn’t Have Been More Impressed

From FaceBook:  My first acupuncture treatment was with Dr. Ken and I couldn’t have been more impressed! I was a little nervous as it was my first time trying it, but I was very happy with the outcome. I have since had several more treatments with Dr. Ken and would recommend him to everyone!

Unparalleled Experience

From FaceBook:  Dr. Ken’s level of service, knowledge and overall experience is unparalleled. From my very first visit, he demonstrated his care and concern for my well-being, and has continued to provide excellent treatment. Highly recommended!

Thoughtful And Caring

From FaceBook:  I have been going to Dr. Ken on a weekly basis for my migraines and overall health and there’s has been a dramatic improvement. He is extremely thoughtful and caring.

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