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So Glad I Tried It

From FaceBook:  Dr Ken has helped me with managing pain from a torn meniscus for several months now and I am able to function normally and even maintain my walking exercise regimen to some extent. Dr Ken is AWESOME!! I have several friends and relatives who swear by acupuncture and I’m so glad I tried it!!

Completely Pain Free

From FaceBook:  Three weeks ago I started treatments with Dr. Ken. (He was recommended by a dear friend.) I have been dealing with chronic pain issues in my arms and hands for 15 years…that had gotten so bad I had NO feeling in any of my fingers at all and pain so bad I couldn’t sleep at night. I am

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Put My Daughter At Ease

From FaceBook:   I was so pleased with the care that my daughter received from Dr. Harris. He put her immediately at ease and helped heal an infection that was turning serious.

Painless Technique

From FaceBook: I look forward to every visit. His technique is painless and he doesn’t mind explaining what he’s doing and why. He is the best

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