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Dr. Kenneth Harris

Dr-Ken-Harris-AcupuncturistDr. Kenneth Harris graduated with a Master’s of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from East West College of Natural Medicine in Sarasota. Florida. This masters level graduate program consisted of five academic years and over 3000 hours of class room and clinical study thoroughly covering acupuncture, herbal medicine and Western Bio-Medicine. While studying at East West College, Dr. Harris graduated at the top of his class winning the prestigious “Founders Award”. Dr. Harris is licensed by the State of Florida as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician and has successfully treated hundreds of patients for a remarkable variety of both acute and chronic illnesses.

Like many practitioners, Dr. Harris first came to Traditional East Asian Medicine as a patient. Acupuncture and herbal medicine was suggested to him when he found Western Medicine’s solutions to his problem unacceptable. Dr. Harris, like many people, had no experienced with Traditional East Asian Medicine and was somewhat skeptical. His skepticism was proven unfounded when the subtle and gentle healing of this medicine produced a rapid resolution to his ailment. This experience also showed him that there were other healing modalities than the lone Western Bio-Medicine model we grew up with. It became very important to him that people learn about and know that there are other choices available for the  treatment of their illness. A seed was planted, which led Dr. Harris to med school and ultimately, a career change.

Prior to practicing Traditional East Asian Medicine, Dr. Harris was a criminal investigator at both the state and federal level, investigating complex criminal conspiracy both in the United States and internationally.

Your personal health detective.
Several of Dr. Harris’ friends and patients have commented that they are surprised that he chose to practice medicine and they did not see the similarity between the practice of medicine and conducting criminal investigations.

Dr. Harris shared the following thoughts:
“I believe the two fields are very similar. Let’s compare the tasks for a moment. As criminal investigator I would conduct interviews, determine how the crime was conducted, gather and examine evidence, build the case, secure an arrest warrant and finally arrest the suspect.

I find this very similar to my current duties which are: listening to a patient’s chief complaint, interviewing and examining the patient, documenting the signs and symptoms that are presented, using deductive reasoning to make a diagnosis of the pattern of illness, determine a treatment protocol and ultimately arrest of the root cause of illness, providing relief. It’s really amazing how similar they are.”

Dr. Harris added,

“One should also recognize that the largest and most successful investigations are not the work of a single individual but rather of a team all working together on a common goal. This is very true in medicine too, where you and your physician work as a team to improve your health, provide you relief and increase your vitality.” “I feel very grateful to have had the wonderful opportunity to serve my Country and now the immense privilege to treat my wonderful patients and together improve their quality of their life.”

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